What is the purpose of the program?

Incidences of emotional and behavioral problems among adolescent girls are increasing and occurring at an earlier age. At the same time, research points to the fact that social problems, such as relational aggression that entails exclusion and deliberate destruction of a girl's reputation, are cropping up more frequently among girls in middle school and high school.

The objectives of this program for the adolescent girls are:

  • to stop self-destructive behaviors
  • to empower them to cope with relational aggression and other social issues
  • to improve their relationship with parents

The objectives of this program for parents of adolescent girls are:

  • to better understand what their daughters are experiencing
  • to strengthen their relationship with their daughters
  • to decrease parent-child conflict

What kind of service does this program provide?

Assessment and treatment planning that includes:

  • individual therapy
  • family therapy

Who would be an appropriate referral to this program?

Adolescent girls and parents of adolescent girls exhibiting emotional and behavioral problems such as:

  • self-mutilation
  • eating disorders
  • depression
  • anxiety
  • conflictual relationships with parents, siblings or authority figures

Who do I contact?

Karen Jick, ACSW, LCSW
(414) 273-2220