What is the purpose of this program?

Spiritual counseling offers hope, comfort and support to those challenged by many of life's struggles such as caregiver stress, guilt, moral dilemmas, grief, loss, and death of loved ones. The objectives of this program are:

  • to help clients develop a spiritual language while exploring and enhancing their inner strengths and resources
  • to stimulate mind-body-spiritual healing
  • to accept situations and conditions that cannot be changed
  • to encourage growth through positive mental attitude

What kind of service does this program provide?

  • Individual treatment
  • Couple and family therapy

Who would be an appropriate referral to this program?

Men and women who are experiencing:

  • fear and self-doubt
  • depression and anxiety
  • despair, lost hope, crisis of faith
  • death and loss
  • anger and guilt
  • chronic pain

Men and women who have had limited results from traditional talk therapy.

Caregivers who are experiencing burnout and loss of a sense of purpose.

Who do I contact?

Marilyn Bonjean, Ed.D., MS, LMFT
(414) 273-2220