What is the purpose of this program?

For older people, aging presents significant challenges of adjustment and coping with loss. The objectives of geriatric treatment are:

  • to help elderly persons and their families increase their coping strengths
  • to help the elderly client achieve the best quality of life in the least restrictive setting
  • to support families struggling with caregiver stress and late life mental health issues

What kind of service does this program provide?

  • Individual treatment tailor made to address specific needs of clients for support and adaptive behavior change.
  • Couple or family therapy to decrease caregiver stress and other pressures.

Who would be an appropriate referral to this program?

Men and women 60 years old and older, who are experiencing:

  • early dementia
  • isolation
  • marital conflict
  • grief issues
  • death of spouse/family member relocation
  • anxiety and depression
  • suspension of driving privilege
  • ETOH/prescription drug abuse
  • somatization disorders

The "sandwich generation" - men and women overwhelmed by care giving and the need to make important life changing decisions for elderly family members.

Who do I contact?

Marilyn Bonjean, Ed.D., MS, LMFT
(414) 273-2220